My Heroes

Today somebody asked me what gets me excited. I thought for a short while and once again I remembered what is really important and why I do what I do: My Heroes.

Who are my heroes?

First and foremost my father. He was a fantastic man who died before his time. He was a powerful guy in all sort of different ways and a presence to reckon with. At the age of 50 he was diagnose with Halzeimer’s decease and at 69 he died of related complications. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him.

For a long time I was very upset with him for getting sick, not being there, and finally not only dying but missing out on the family I helped build. My wonderful kids will never be directly influenced by my father and they are definitely missing out on that. Recently, however, I understood and forgave him and myself. It has been a hard road to get there, but I am finally OK with him not being around. Now I am just sad; he would have enjoyed my family.

Although my kids will never be influenced by my father, I was. And I do what I do to keep his legacy alive and pass that onto my kids, with a little bit of a “Fabian” flavor. Of course. His memory not only is a light, but a roadmap.

Second and just as important, my kids. They are the most wonderful people I have ever met. They are the light in my eyes, the sun and the moon, the oxygen in my every breath and the blood in my veins. I never really wanted kids; you see, I am a very selfish guy, so kids ruined all of that 😦 but … my kids have really taught me about selflessness. Kids by nature are selfish, including my kids. But there is a quality in my kids that becomes the fabric of our family; the fuel that keeps us going and the glue that keeps us together.

This last month they both have been gone to sleep-away-camp. My wife and I have missed them terribly but at the same time we are happy that they are having a fantastic time and are becoming more independent. Yes, we are encouraging to fly the coop, with the hopes that they will always think of us as “home“.

So there, these are my heroes. Thinking about my father and enjoying the memories get me excited every day. And my kids … not just thinking about them, but watching the grow, mentoring them, showing them the world, chatting with them. How can I not be excited?


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2 responses to “My Heroes

  1. In

    tus relatos sobre tu esposa y tus chicos… y tus fotos..: belleza que, cuando querés, sabés capturar con tanta facilidad…

  2. Norma

    Divina la pelicula; hermoso Jared… No, mas que hermoso… aunque el soccer no me interese para nada… no importa lo que este haciendo es una belleza… y todo le queda bien.

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