Jared and Blogging

Today Elizabeth and I picked Jared up from camp. He spend the better part of last month at CGI (Camp Gan Israel) and finally he got homesick and wanted to come home. So with only couple of days to go, we went and got him. This was the first time he was away from us for such a long time. Sidney too, she has been gone for nearly a month – we are picking her up this coming Saturday – as well and also her first time away from home for so long. We are so proud of both of them. I am so happy he is back and can not wait for Sidney to get back too.

Jared says he had a great time and wants to go there for winter camp and then next summer for another month. Sidney, when we visited with her, said the same thing. She is having a blast; and for as much as I missed them terribly, this is a wonderful experience for them and will never deny it to them.

So, he is trying to go to sleep – first night back – and asks me to go and fall asleep with him. I tell him that I am busy doing some writing – I am trying to complete a post for this blog on the Business of Technology – and he retorts: “You have a laptop, come do it in my bed as I fall asleep”. How can you argue with that much logic? 🙂

I am typing away while on his bed and he start to watch over my shoulder and of course, asking questions. What does code mean? What is blogging? how does the software work? What is WordPress? I started this post to explain to him (he is now almost asleep, but the first paragraph above took nearly 45 minutes to write and changed formats, words, links many time) how all of this works. HTML, RSS, the IMG tag, etc. He, of course, now wants his own blog 🙂 And of course, I will help setting one up for him. Probably we will use the ASP version rather than installing a new one here at home. I think it would be great for him as an avenue to explore different topics. Not to say that this may be the way to get him to write and will help him in his development.

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