My Wife

I read My Heroes post to my wife and it was bitter-sweet to her. On one hand she loved the fact that I expressed myself and also loved the content. But she felt left out. “How come I am never mentioned in the same way you mention your father or children?” she asked.

Truth be known I always talk about my wife but in a different way. With just as much energy but different. After all she is my wife and my relationship with her is indeed different – for starters, there is sexual intimacy – and thank god, a lot of it.

So, this post is for her, so she does not feel left out, because, she should not.

When I talk about my wife I tell whomever would listen “how lucky I am”. She is very supportive of all I do. She takes care of my every needs. She is always there. She spoils me. Yeah yeah yeah … she cooks and does laundry too … but she does not clean the house, for that we have a cleaning lady.

When I am down, she pumps me up. When I am sad, she help me understand. When am afraid, she helps me feel my fears and face them. When I am stress … well … she takes care of my stress ;). She is more than my wife or my life partners. She is my friend; she is my confidant; she is my “better” half; she completes me.

When we got married our best man said: “They are more than perfect for each other.” And we are. Indeed we are.

Before we had children we would breakfast in front of the TV watching cartoons and more often than not, we would make love. Since we had children things have changed, but we continue to make love. And our children are, by the full meaning of the phrase, a product of our love.

I would feel lost without her.

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