Keeping A Blog Fresh

I am trying to make a effort to blog every day. Even if it is a tiny tidbit to keep things fresh. But what is the point of tiny tidbits? There we go, always trying to find the deep meaning to the smallest things:

What is the point of tidbits? There are a lot of points. Tidbits are the same as chitchats, they help bring people together, bridge the gap, break the ice. It allows a learned man and an ignorant man to have a conversation, to have a common ground. It levels the playing field so-to-speak. Tidbits are the glue of big conversation, the way to seduce a woman, or get that big account. The point of tidbits and chitchats is get get out of yourself and join humanity; a way of looking at everybody in the same light.

Useless, unimportant, irrelevant facts; that is what tidbits are. They are also fun and good party tricks.

So, let’s all agree that a “Hello, how are you today?” blog entry is a tidbit, but just as important and VALID as a 200 page dicertation on the conquest of the Americas šŸ™‚

And you all have a nice day!!


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