Fabian’s Pensieve

My wife says my Blog is my pensieve; a place to collect my thoughts for storage so they do not occupy room in my mind. I do not agree. My Blog is a place to express myself. Because I write them down and “publish” them, it does not mean that I do not keep on thinking about them. Ideas and thoughts evolve as we gain new experiences. They remain ever present in my mind and when people provide feedback in the form of comments, thoughts may become more robust.

A lot of my thoughts and ideas evolve over time. Some of them get further refined. Other ideas get better support with new knowledge. Other still, are changed or completely discarded. What I think today is very different from what I thought 20 years ago. And in 20 more, my ideas will be somewhat or quite different. Thought can become obsolete.

My Blog is a place for exploration. Many of the subjects I write were not thoughts until I put the words down. I start with a title. Any title. Sometimes these titles come to me as I am writing. I take a little break, create a blank document, I write the title centered and in bold letters and save the file with the title as the filename. At some point I go back and complete the thought. Many other subjects are based on ideas I have had for a long time and writing them down is just a way to formalize them. “Why OpenSource?” is one such subject. Since 1994 I have been selecting OpenSource as my weapon of choice, so writing about it was just a formalization of what I have done for years.

My Blog is a place for sharing. Have a child, plant a tree and write a book. I have tried to write a book. I have children and have planted trees. But writing a book has proven difficult. So the blog will have to do as a stand in. I have always been very giving with my ideas. Not necessarily always a good thing, but since I believe in transparency, sharing my ideas is part of it. In many cases my own transparency has been used against me. It is just the price to pay for upholding certain ideals. Ideas that are not shared are ideas destined to die. I am not saying share your secrets. Secrets are thoughts that must not be shared.

My Blog is a place for self-promotion. In exposing my ideas I am saying: ”Look how good I am, how intelligent and sophisticated a thinker”. And on every post on every topic I am also saying: “Check out my grasp on the subject, look what I can do for you, look at what I bring to the table”. Why hide it, I am not a modest man. But the bravado of my youth has given way to the wisdom of age. I do not have to shout very loud anymore about these things, I show them with action. These writings are just but a small taste.

In the end, my Blog is for me. And yes, my wife is after all, right. This is indeed a repository of my ideas and expressions. It is a repository for my thoughts. It is definitely my pensieve and I can come back to it anytime I want and re-evaluate my ideas and thoughts.

You see … ideas evolve even in this short a time.

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