Was Hitler Ever A Good Boy?

Was Hitler ever a good boy? I mean, when he was an infant, was he proportionally as evil as he was as an adult?. I am sure that there is information available describing the early days, when he was a young and loving lad; information about his childhood and how he tortured that poor little dog that he loved so much …. But I am not going to go into it at all. It is not my intention to defend Hitler, so if this post sounds as though I am defending him, please, not to worry, I really really really am not.

On Halloween my family and I went to see a musical called Wicked. First of all I have to say that I despise musicals, very much like I am annoyed going to Disneyland or going to a carnival. But I enjoy my family having fun. I see these things that I do not like … no … that I can not tolerate, through their eyes, the enjoyment of my children and happiness of my wife, and in that, I find the way to at least, sit through a play or enjoy couple of days dealing with long lines to get on a ride for 5 minutes.

Wicked is the behind-the-scenes story of the Wizard of Oz. It starts with the Good Witch telling everybody that the Wicked Witch of the West is really dead. She is reminded that they were roommates and friends in high school or the university and the story develops from there. In the original story, the witch from the west is evil and full of hate. But was she? Or was just the way she was portrayed? In the musical, she is shown to be good and kind and intelligent and a very good and gifted student; she is also shown to have some deep personal issues related to how her family treated her. But in essence, she was a nice lady.

Events happened; she gets a bad rap; and she becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. But at the end, it is a love story and she is wicked, but in other ways than evil.

There were some parts of the play that I enjoyed. The scenography was awesome. Some of the music was good. And some of the dialog was funny, specially the references to the Wizard of Oz. As I was fighting boredom – in between watching my kids eyes growing bigger and bigger – the question occurred to me: “Was Hitler Ever A Good Boy?” Here you have a young lady that was portrayed to be evil but in reality, it was a government conspiracy. Maybe the same happened to Hitler …. Not!! I can not think that somebody like that could have ever been good.

If you look at history, there are a great many cases where personalities are portrayed in different lights. Are those lights accurate? Are we getting the real representation of who these people were? There is always some obscure evidence regarding these historical figures that present them in a different context than popular belief. And as time goes through, and new “historians” inspect the available “evidence”, they come up with complete different theories and justifications.

In the end, in many cases, we will never really know.

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