On Vacation And Disconnected

Last week I was on vacation … yeah!! For the last 10 years, or more, I have always been connected throughout the time I was on vacations. I always felt that I needed to make myself available to my employees or the companies I worked for. Through most of the jobs I have had, I have extended myself to also cover outside of my particular job responsibility when these areas lacked leadership; and moved back when the leadership role was covered. Being connected was a must. Also, part of being connected was not being able to relinquish control, not even for a few days. My own demons of responsibility totally controlled me.

This last week was different. Not from my own doing, but by a defect. The place I went on vacation has internet access. And it was not working in a way that was convenient for me to have access. Unfortunately or fortunately I remained disconnected and unavailable. It was awesome. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? I have to admit that I am somewhat renewed and being disconnected helped bring some perspective and clarity. It does not matter perspective and clarity about what, what it matters is that new ideas are flooding my mind and that is good. Now, I need to find a way to channel them.

bola islands

My family and I take our family vacation on the first week of July. We normally go to Bahia De Los Angeles in Baja California Mexico. We first went there October 1998. Jared, my son, was only 6 months old. It was so hot that the sun felt as though an elephant was continuously stepping on your head. Elizabeth was so miserable that she swore never to go back. I loved it. The place is paradise. I continued going from time to time to go kayak touring from island to island. I could not have enough of the place. I kept on looking forward to my next kayaking trip.When we were planning our 2002 vacation – that year we actually went in April – Elizabeth suggested Bahia De Los Angeles. Of course I was surprised:

– But honey, you swore never to go back.

– I know, but you love it so.

And off we went. We had a fantastic time. I even caught a 25Lbs yellowtail on a fly rod and was famous locally for a whole week and a half 🙂 Since then we go every July. In 2006 we tried Mulege, further south. Even though it is a nice place, it was not our cup of tea. This year there was no decision, back to Bahia De Los Angeles.

In 2004 we bought a boat. Having a boat changes a lot of things and having one in Bahia De Los Angeles, changes the place even more. We had access to more places and things to do. Elizabeth and I love fishing and sashimi. A boat gave us access to all the fishing spots. We could also get to a nice clamming spot. Our first boat was a 17’ flat bottom center console. It was barely big enough for 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs. In 2006 we got a new boat – well, new to us. A 21’ deep V center console. A fishing machine. We named it “Kosher Sushi”.

bola kosher sushi

This summer we met Joe Allen and family. They are fantastic. They have three wonderful kids around Jared’s and Sidney’s age that get along well with our kids. We were all staying at the same place. The morning we met I was supposed to go fishing with a guide on my boat. The guide never showed so I went fishing on my own and hit the spots I already knew. I caught enough yellowtail and bonita to feed the whole camp. Normally I only keep what we will eat that day. On one hand I do not see the need to kill more than I need for the day, on the other, it gives me a reason to go out fishing the next day. So, here I am, cutting some fresh sashimi and saying, “Sashimi anyone?”

bola sashimi

Of course people came to share … hey, free fresh sashimi. You do not get that everywhere and believe me, it does not get any better than that. Over the years we have learnt that we will meet people and we will share. At first it was just the fish. Now we come prepared with sake, seaweed, and other foods. I am in bliss. I just love feeding people what I catch. Everybody shares and everybody has a good time. Needless to say, the drink flows freely as well. Joe and some members of his family (extended family) went fishing with me and we did not do so well. We could not find the yellowtails. But we had fun. We stayed in touch over the months. Joe and family spend Thanksgiving in Bahia De Los Angeles. Elizabeth convinced me to do the same and coordinated with the Allens to meet again. We had a blast… again!!

Fishing for yellowtails in November is tough. The water is a little too cold in the bay and the fish move to warmer water either north or south on the open Sea of Cortez. It did not stop us, however, from getting enough bonita to feed the entire camp. Most people say bonita is not such a good tasting fish. But as sashimi, there is no better. One day, I did get into some yellowtails and was able to catch a nice 30 to 35Lbs one. Of course we had some of it for lunch. Fresh Hamachi …. It definitely does not get better than this.

bola yellow

Bahia De Los Angeles is paradise. We are lucky that we found such a place, were we meet people, were we eat so well, were we all have such a great time. And this last trip, were I was able to finally disconnect for an entire week and clear my head.

bola sidney


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2 responses to “On Vacation And Disconnected

  1. Joe

    Shhhh…the word might get out. Let’s keep it a paradise (no Cosco/Home Depot/Starbucks, etc…) as long as possible!

  2. I agree. But I do not think people will get drawn to it for a while. We probably have another 5 years 😉

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