The Closing Of 2007

As 2007 comes to a close and 2008 peeks around the corner I want to reflect on the year, events and people close to me:

The first blog post (not page) I wrote in this incantation of my blog was about my kids and my dad. To paraphrase the post, I was asked what got me up and going every day and my answer was my dad and kids; the post went into detail why that is. To this day, my dad and my kids are my heros. Since my dad has been dead since 1997, there is not much that changed since last time I wrote about him; my kids on the other hand are just in the dawn of their lives. They keep on surprising me. They keep on challenging me. They keep on helping me discover who I am every day. They are a source of inspiration – and concern. I can not say enough about my kids. They are, very much, the light in my eyes, the life in my every breath, the sun of my days and the moon of my nights.

My wife … ahhhhhh … my wife. She is the editor of my blog so she gets to read every single post before it gets posted here. No matter how boring the post is, she just sits down, puts pencil to paper and corrects my grammar and suggests changes; in particular when my words are not too clear. This post is no exception. By the time you are reading these words, she has not only already read them and corrected them, but also forgotten them as well.

After she reviewed my first post her comment was: This is great, but what about me. So I wrote a post just for her. It was not as a response to a demand. I truly wrote the post inspired. But it is true, some times I do take her for granted and I fail to not so much recognize her, but to show my appreciation. It is not enough that she knows, and she does know how much I appreciate her. I also must show her. So … Elizabeth, my love … I would be nothing if it was not for your support. And here, in a very public forum I declare my love for you. I LOVE YOU.

As I have gone though the years, one at a time, getting older, many people have come and gone. Some have gone because their lives took them in certain directions and we lost touch. Some have gone because their lives became incompatible with mine. Some have gone because there was nothing left in the friendship. Some, still, have gone because life has turns and twists. Of all my childhood friends Guido Tenenbaum remains. He does not just remain, he is there. A permanent fixture … and I am glad. I have known Guido for 30 years now and in that time, we have shared many adventures. Not too long ago I wrote about my lack of faith; but then I realized that I have faith in Guido. Not blindly and in a religious way, but faith in him. As a person. As a mench.

After 20 months as the CTO of Hoodiny Entertainment Group I moved on to a new job as the CTO for Zumbox. Zumbox as an idea is amazing. What is the most amazing about Zumbox is that it is a simple idea with incredible ramifications. I wish I could discuss it more openly, but I can not, at least not for the time being. Let’s just say that it will revolutionize certain areas of our lives. Hoodiny was a good experience in spite of some of the difference of opinions regarding business strategy and where the company should go I had with the other executives. The folks there are good people. It was nice for a change to work with people that genuinely were looking out for you regardless of the various and deep difference of opinions. It was a big change from Pictage – although I have to admit that some of the folks at Pictage were fantastic, with whom I remain in touch. So .. Demian, Jose, Ariel and the gang at Hoodiny: I know I left at not the best time but it is my best wishes that all goes well.

There are two people I want to recognize as part of this post. On of them is Sue Christensen. She worked for me at Pictage and Hoodiny. She is the best project manager I have ever had the chance to work with. She can keep up with my schizophrenic pace – not an easy feat. She is able to coordinate all projects to stay within my execution parameters, which are normally 3 or 4 times higher output than most other CTO’s. But, as fantastic an employee she is, she is also a great friend. I miss working with her. The second is Mike Polek. He is an incredible system administrator and as a person, a wise man and a great friend. Mike … do not be a stranger, we love you!!

This year I got close to a person local to me. A neighbor so-to-speak. There was a situation that developed and I am afraid it might have driven us a bit apart. It saddens me because he is a great guy, helped me quite a bit and I have a great deal of respect for him. I hope that we can continue our friendship.

One interesting thing that happen was developing this blog. As I posted before this is the second incantation of my posting writing online. The first time around it was a sort of a fiasco and led to some pain. This time around I am not only more careful – from a content point of view – but also more open. I am expanding the topics I post on and I am forcing myself to look at subjects from different perspectives. The rewarding part of writing is the fact that some people read it on a regular basis and email and call me to ask me when the next post will be up. It does drive the pressure up on improving the quality of my writing and subjects I tackle. It is a great experience, however; it is teaching me to be more thorough in the way I present arguments.

Early 2006, as I was looking to leave Pictage, I realized more than ever that you can not do it all on your own. You need people to help you as much as you need to help people. I recognized that my network of people was rather small and limited in the way I contributed to it. As I am maturing and developing my career the old phrase “it is not who you are but who you know” resonates louder with me. I set out to not only increasing my network but improve how I relate to it. I must report that it is a slow process but it is moving ahead and one that I look forward to developing further. Be that as it may, there are a couple of business associates that I rather enjoys, especially when there is some wine that oils our thoughts. Guys, we need to get together more often. Andy has room and plenty of choices for us.

I want to close the post with a few words about my mom. I do not mention her too often and certainly, I do not write about her. My mom was dealt a tough hand with my dad getting sick and dying. At the time that we had all grown up and were out of the house and on our way to building our own futures, they were supposed to start their enjoying each other without “interruptions” time. It did not happen for my mom. I am very sorry that they both did not get to realize some of their dreams. My mom is a special lady. And even though I do not call her as often as I should I love her very much and want her to know that I think about her a lot, every day.

As the year comes to a close my only resolutions are related to continuing to be the best person I can, for my family, as an example to my kids and my friends, for my community and for all the people that I interact in business and outside of business.

Have a fantastic end of 2007 and may 2008 bring all that you want.

Happy New Year.

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