Why Do I Post?

Does having a blog and posting in it hurts you? Well, does it? Does it matter?

I think about these question on a regular basis. There is not that much privacy in the world anymore. I can find out most things about almost anybody. And if I am willing to pay, it is even easier and the information even more complete. As prospective business partners, employers, customers, band mates, etc, research who I may be, they will happen upon this blog. So, is it wise for me to have a blog like the one I have been keeping?

I post all sort of things in this blog. From music (poor music 😉 ) I have recorded on my own or with my band, to business thoughts and ideas, experiences to cheap philosophical discussions. The blog has become an outlet for expressing myself at many levels. I write because it is therapeutic. It allows me to express myself to “my audience.”

And that in itself is an interesting question, who is my audience?

First and foremost I am my own audience. I write for myself. As I mentioned earlier, I find writing therapeutic just like I find coding therapeutic. But since I do not do much coding anymore, writing is it.

Writing is very powerful. It forces us to take the time to put our thoughts in order so we can write them down. As we put them down, we find how not in order our thoughts really were and then the writing process assists us in organizing our ideas. I am not very eloquent and often enough struggle with communicating my ideas – yeah .. some will call BS on this but that is because through writing I have overcome my lack of eloquence – thus writing helps me in such communication.

In write about everything I can think of. I have many posts started and in progress with titles such as:

•   Innovation as a version number

•   Does democracy really exist

•   Evolution, freedom and revolution

•   Building Datacenters

•   Social networks and cloud computing

•   The right to die

•   And other topics

First of all, these topics are of interest to me. Nothing is barred or taboo. They cover a wide range. From the definite business topic, to the intersection of business and technology, politics, philosophy, religion and much more. In many cases my writings were sparked by discussion I had with friends over dinner, drinks or hanging out. In other cases, they are answers to other posts found on the web.

Writing allows me to investigate my thinking in a paused and methodical manner. It affords me the time to think and research the topics I target.

Second, my family and friends. The blog is a vehicle for them to check on my “sanity” 🙂 that many times is heavily questioned and contested. It is a way for me to share with them a part of me, in particular because I have friends all over the world. Facebook is the vehicle I use for communication, but the blog is the content of such communication.

It is said that in order to became a “full man” you need to plant a tree, write a book and have a kid. I have planted many trees, have had two lovely kids that I am very proud of – with the help of a great wife – but no book. This is the “book in progress.” The “full man” concept is really about what legacy we leave behind. This is just a part of it. And that is also why I include my music and other artistic outlets.

Third, business partners, clients, etc. They might find some of my writings interesting or even useful. In the case of business related topics, I use the blog as a means to keep as current as I can with technology concepts and ideas and business trends. I take a very strategic approach to what I write about. Am I right in my conclusions? Well … I think I am, but in the end, it does not matter. It is one possible conclusion amongst many other.

But here is where it gets a little dangerous. I am mixing personal posts with business writings. Basically, it appears that I am being careless in how I address my audience. The truth is that early on I decided I was not going to segregate my writings based on my audience. While I do keep many of my thoughts and other elements of my personal life private, I also strive for transparency; especially when it comes to business and business relationships.

Fourth, whomever finds it in their Internet travels. There is a big world out there that is getting smaller and smaller everyday. This is just my grain of sand 😉

Now, this post may sound like a justification. And it is a justification to me in terms of the decisions I continue to take. I few years back I realized that I was still holding on to ideas, concepts, decision, certain values that I had set on between the ages of 15 to 20 and 25. While I am the same person at the core, I am not the same person overall. I have lived many experiences since then that need to be factored in. So, I re-evaluate many of my earlier thoughts and decisions continuously. Writing this post is just another re-evaluation.

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