Der Pooh’s Eulogy

Der PoohLast night my wife and kids took one of our dogs to the vet and helped him move on. His health had been failing him for a while as he aged. Finally, this last weekend he could no longer support his weight. It was time!! Unfortunately I was not there but my wife tells me that he was ready and went very peacefully. The kids held him through the process.

Pooh came to us in an unlikely manner. At the time my wife was teaching in South Central LA. She saw a group of kids gathered around. She thought the worse but as it turned out it was a puppy. She called me and said: “come get your darn dog!!”. That was a rainy day on January 1996!!

Pooh shared many adventures with us. From hiking and climbing in the Sierras or High Desert, to trips to Mexico. He shared and participated in the adventure of raising our kids and more often than not, in his way, interceded for them. He was with us through many adventures. And he will continue to live through our continuing adventures through our memories of him. From a little shivering puppy, through a persnickety old dog, we love him and it was my privilege to share my life with him.

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