Empty Motor Road

Wow … so … today I woke up, had coffee, watched a movie with my daughter – What A Girl Wants – and got inspired. I have been wanting to play around with Open C tuning and finally today it just happened. And here it is. Super raw, super unpolished, super un-arranged, but I like it!!

For iPad/iPhone click here.


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2 responses to “Empty Motor Road

  1. Chord progression Cm – F7 – Ab
    C and Eb notes are in all those chords. Movement pretty much confined to one voice, which starts with G (in the Cm), moves down to F then up to Ab.
    I like the drums and head-banging style. As a song fragment it is good but to my ears incomplete as a song without more movement in more voices.

  2. As I wrote, totally unpolished. Not do sure about the cord progression. It is in Open C and I just bared frets. C-F-E-D for verse.

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