The Start of 2012

I normally write a closing post for the year – I did not do it for 2010, it was “complicated” year. This year I decided  I will do an opening post – just feeling positive 🙂

2011 was a good year for my family and I. While I lived during the week with my in-laws (I worked in El Segundo but lived in Thousand Oaks and in LA traffic that is continents away ;( ) my relationship with my family remained strong. We were dealt a few curb balls and managed them well. And in October I was offer a job closer to the house (only 20 minutes away) which enabled me to be here full time. That was awesome for everybody. I had not realized how much my kids and wife missed me. I have to say that I am very proud of them; the never said anything in order to make it easier for me.

I want to thank my extended family for some incredible support I received from them, both, in 2010 and 2011. Without my brother, cousin, sister in law, parents in law – who housed my for over 1 and 1/2 year – and everybody else around us, it would have been a harder for us than it was and they enabled us to stay afloat and flourish as a family in hard times.

Working at Internet Brands was an interesting experience. It is a good company but with interesting dynamics. All in all I enjoyed working there; most importantly I enjoyed the folks there: Joe, Lisa, Allen, Adrian, Kevin, and the rest of the crew; I also got to see Mike Polek there often enough. While we did not work together, it was cool to see him often.

As I mentioned, in October I was offered a position as the VP of Operation and Technology at a company near my home; I joined Gumiyo on October 10th and so far so good. There are loads of opportunities ahead for the company and I am enjoying myself expending my wings beyond Technology which is what I have started to do a while back. Here, it is part of my charter, so … I get no oppositions to getting it done 😉

While at Internet Brands I started a band with Jimmy and Andrew. We have been playing for over a year now – that is awesome!!! ROCK AND ROLL!! We spent part of 2011 with a singer that in the end did not work out. Then we got another singer that also did not work out and .. we continue the search. Regardless of the singer, playing with these two guys has brought me loads of joy, not just because of the music, but because these guys are solid people. I look forward to practice and to what we can do in the future.

So … 2012 … I wander what it’s going to bring. So far so good. Last night we ended the year with a party here at the house and a jam session. Today we went to a party and jam session and then a nap and then a run – ah yeah … Elizabeth and I are running and keeping a good pace – and now a little writing and some recording. Tomorrow, an easy day and some more recording. But most importantly … I wander and look forward to 2012 as a family.

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