In The Eve Of The End V2

Spent time yesterday and today recording this song again. While I liked the first version – which was a little raw since I was just experimenting – I immediatelly recognized some changes I wanted to make. I like this version so much more. I hope you also like it more!!

For iPad/iPhone click here


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4 responses to “In The Eve Of The End V2

  1. Nice lead solo at 5:00 but kinda overwhelmed by the fuzzy rhythm guitar. Suggest remix to bring it forward.

  2. It was down on purpose to provide some contrast and texture.

  3. Rob Malins

    It could be fleshed out to be a really great hard driving rock song.
    I love the quasi garage sound; high in drive and the energy
    of the Seattle sound I loved so much. Don’t let this one go
    until it’s great…

    • Yeah … the more i listed to it the more I like it too. What is wierd is that it sounds like “some band” did it when all along it is me who recorded it. The sense of detachment is interesting.

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