Happy New Year. Here Is To A Good 2013

First of all, Happy New Year.  May 2013 bring all that we want that is good.

Second. In retrospect, 2012 was an interesting year. Loads of good things sprinkled with a few not so good. But such is life. In some sense you would not value the good if there wasn’t some bad mixed in. Right?

The most important aspects of my life are good … or rather … VERY EXCELLENT GOOD. My kids … fantastic!! They are growing up nicely and they make me a proud father. They are healthy, with the standard teenage “issues” and “rebellions”. Some days I want to strangle them 🙂 but not really. My wife loves me and show that to me every day and she is also a fantastic mother. It is no coincidence my kids are as they are.

Then my two bands are developing nicely. Malignorant played many gigs including opening for Michael Schenker at the Canyon Club and The Black Dots finally got its stuff together and we are playing the Canyon Club also in March.

The rest of the family is also good, with the normal ups and downs. My mom and parents in law are getting old and around “that” age!! 😦 and my siblings and siblings in law seem to be doing OK and so their families.

And the rest … hey .. bad is bad … and will always be there. It creates a local low, but I try to focus on the things around me that offset the bad stuff; and I am lucky that the bad stuff is offset in large amounts by the love of my family, the support of my wife and the successes I achieve as a person.

Again, Happy New Year; here is to 2013!!


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3 responses to “Happy New Year. Here Is To A Good 2013

  1. Caron kruger

    Great things for all of us in 2013! The Prophets of Inglewood

  2. Aly

    Cool one. Hope it would be best for all of us.

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