For the last few days I have been sick .. I mean sick .. in bed .. no moving .. and if did .. got tired immediately. Run down if you will 😦 But last night I had it with being in bed (I did see 2 great movies however, so not all was lost: Lincoln and The Infidel). So .. I went down to the studio, dag up my MIDI controller and laid down a few tracks. I finished it today.

Except for the drums (a drum loop) I played all instruments:

3 different keyboard lines

1 bass line

1 rhythm guitar line

3 lead guitar lines

Let me know what you think …

Link here


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One response to “Pneumonia

  1. Caron Kruger

    I like it as a start as a base as begin needs some bottom and …. Thanks for sharing sorry u r so sick hope it is over by now if not get better and always let the music flow haven’t heard from u in so long get me back up to speed on what is going. On with your bands and U! Lets resolve to stay in touch more ! Happy Holidays and New Year! Caron (Props of Inglewood)

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