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I Come In Peace – The Fabian Schonholz Experience

I have been working on this song for a few weeks and finally finished it late last night. I have even mastered it…. And here it is.

WARNING: I sing (or attempt). You be the judge.

As always, feedback is welcomed – feedback of any kind!!

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Saturday Morning – The Fabian Schonholz Experience

Another fine composition!! 🙂 Well .. I like it. My Saturday was exactly as the songs sings, with the addition that I then spent Saturday and Sunday recording this song. It just came to me after my walk and down on “tape” it went.

Once again .. I played all instruments:

  • Drums – not very interesting but the song did not call for more and I still suck. I used my Alesis DM10 with Ryan’s HH (Roland). I really want mesh on for my drum heads
  • Guitars – 6 string and 12 string acoustic and the lead is with an electric guitar (duh!!)
  • Bass guitar – I used an acoustic bass guitar
  • Vocals … yeah … vocals!! You red right … they are actually not that bad!!

Well enjoy, and as always, feedback is welcomed, even if it is: This SUCKS!! Just tell me why.

Download here

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The Forgotten Knight – The Fabian Schonholz Experiment

Another song that all instruments are 100% played by me. This one was a lot of fun … just like the others; however, I felt more comfortable doing this one, in particular the drums. I only had to fix the “hits” a little bit 🙂

I do have to thank Ryan,  Malignorant’s drummer for two things:

1) I watch him when we practice and have been learning from him

2) For “leaving” his Roland set here!! It rocks!! I think I am going to have to replace my drum’s heads with mesh!

Enjoy .. and as always, feedback is always welcomed, even “this shit sucks” type. But of that is your feedback, please, tell me why!!

Download here


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War Brothers – The Fabian Schonholz Experience

War Brothers

I woke up today and like most days, I played guitar in bed for Elizabeth. It is an almost daily occurrence. For me playing guitar *any time* is meditation, even during gigs. For Elizabeth … well .. you gotta ask her. This morning, also like other mornings, I came up with a riff – just 3 chords – but in my mind I heard a full song. So .. I recorded it. And for your hearing delight….

Here is another song where I played and recorded every instrument: Drums, bass, lead guitar, 6 strings acoustic and 12 strings acoustic guitars. I focused on two areas: Drums and lead. I am not a drummer but I have been working hard on not only learning to play drums but making the drums on time and musical. Sadly, not yet there on the musical part, but on the timing aspect, getting very closed. I had to do some minor editing this time around. Still, these drums are more interesting than the previous.

I wanted the lead guitar to be clean and the guitar to sing. I have been working and focusing on playing fast – to a great degree of success – but the flip side is that the leads have become a bit more technical. They still have heart, but speed and technique are really the focus. So, for this lead I was not concerned with speed, but with feel. And I am happy with the results 🙂 very happy!

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

(to download click here)

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Deep Reflection – The Fabian Schonholz Experience

One of my goals … dreams if you will … has been to record a song where I PLAYED ALL instruments: drums, bass and guitars (both, rhythm and lead). This is the VERY first piece I did just that and I like; I am very proud of this achievement. Enjoy. Comment. Feel free to express yourself .. because … I just did 🙂

(click here to download it)

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Malignorant Live at The Viper Room, Feb 21st at 11PM.


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February 6, 2014 · 9:20 am

Electric guitar … that I made!!

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