Mount Pinos 11-25 and 11-26

dsc_1788 dsc_1789 dsc_1792 dsc_1815 dsc_1813 dsc_1811 dsc_1809 dsc_1806 dsc_1801 dsc_1798 dsc_1826 dsc_1828 dsc_1832 dsc_1834 dsc_1835 dsc_1849 dsc_1852 dsc_1871 dsc_1870 dsc_1868 dsc_1861 dsc_1860 dsc_1858 dsc_1855 dsc_1875 dsc_1876 dsc_1878 dsc_1879 dsc_1883 dsc_1887 img_2757


November 26, 2016 · 3:43 pm

Toulumne Meadows 11-12-2016 Solo Trip

dsc_1757 dsc_1759 dsc_1760 dsc_1761 dsc_1762 dsc_1763 dsc_1765 dsc_1771 dsc_1773 dsc_1774 dsc_1777

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Kennedy Meadows 11-5-2016

1 dsc_1727 dsc_1730 dsc_1733 dsc_1734 dsc_1735 dsc_1737 dsc_1740 dsc_1742 dsc_1744 dsc_1748 dsc_1750 dsc_1752 dsc_1754 dsc_1756 img_2525 img_2532

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November 7, 2016 · 6:21 am

Joshua Tree 10-29 and 10-30 2016

dsc_1375 dsc_1377 dsc_1378 dsc_1461 dsc_1466 dsc_1468 dsc_1470 dsc_1488 dsc_1494 dsc_1518 dsc_1577 dsc_1604 dsc_1623 dsc_1639 dsc_1654 dsc_1725img_6026

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October 30, 2016 · 8:22 pm

Big McGee Lake – 10-8 and 10-9

dsc_1268 dsc_1269 dsc_1271 dsc_1274 dsc_1280 dsc_1281 dsc_1285 dsc_1288 dsc_1293 dsc_1296 dsc_1298 dsc_1301 dsc_1305 dsc_1310 dsc_1319 dsc_1321 dsc_1325 dsc_1330 dsc_1332 dsc_1338 dsc_1343 dsc_1346 dsc_1352 img_2188 img_2213 img_2276

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October 9, 2016 · 8:57 pm

Yosemite Oct 1st

dsc_1094 dsc_1105 dsc_1108 dsc_1118 dsc_1119 dsc_1121 dsc_1122 dsc_1125 dsc_1131 dsc_1132 dsc_1135 dsc_1137 dsc_1143 dsc_1156 dsc_1164 img_0598 img_0603 img_0606 img_0607

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East Sierras in September

So .. we had decided to go to Baxter Pass but given some circumstances plans changed. We ended up going, first for an overnight to the Saddlebag Lake area, and second, to a pretty gnarly straight up 3 miles hike to Fern Lake in the June Lake area.

I have been plenty of time to Saddlebag Lake, so I selected a loop that I had never been to before. It proved awesome. The Fern Lake hike, Elizabeth wanted to do because she was not done hiking for the weekend. I enjoyed it very much.

dsc_1011 dsc_1013 dsc_1016 dsc_1018 dsc_1023 dsc_1025 dsc_1026 dsc_1030 dsc_1031 dsc_1034 dsc_1036 dsc_1041 dsc_1045 dsc_1047 dsc_1049 dsc_1050 dsc_1052 dsc_1053 dsc_1055 dsc_1056 dsc_1058 dsc_1059 dsc_1061 dsc_1066 dsc_1067 dsc_1068 dsc_1069 dsc_1077 dsc_1078 dsc_1080 dsc_1082 dsc_1083

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